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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Falsely accused on Janet Napolitano’s FULLY MODERATED blog = cached forever = smeared for LIFE!

below is the last article of Dutchsinse last September 12 after his blog was taken down. yesterday


Here is the Janet Napolitano DHS (department of homeland security) blog….
Notice this is the ONLY comment on any of the recent stories, and notice these vapid accusations are allowed to stand on this DHS blog, when the blog clearly says it is “moderated”… and quote “reviewed BEFORE posting” ! OMG! NOT COOL ! What an underhanded way to attempt to smear someone —- and in this day / age cause me very REAL LIFE problems (as well as any dutchsinse viewer!).

At September 6, 2011 3:14 PM , Anonymous

There is a Youtube account or Accounts under the names Dutchsinse and Dutchsince that is saying that the HAARP Facility is causing weather modification and in turn causing tornadoes to kill of US Citizens! He even has videos about the Joplin tornado. I have reported him to youtube several times as he has “Forecasts” of HARRP rings as he calls them…so he can warn his viewers of when our government is out to cause weather modification in order to depopulate the United States of America….could Some one at Homeland please check into this as the “followers” on his channel actually believe this and as a wife of a retired Air Force person, this rhetoric is what is going to get someone hurt or even killed…Comments Are calling FEMA Detention camps! And not to trust FEMA if they show up at your door! I am disgusted with this and he has over 100,000 views and people really are falling for this and I have tried to tell them to stop and then they call me a “shill” or “troll” or an government Agent??? This is not the type of behavior we need in this hostile climate! Thank you for looking into this matter.

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This comment from anonymous WAS MODERATED AND ALLOWED TO STAND!! I can’t believe it!! This is outrageous, wrong, and should be removed from the DHS blog immediately. I love my country, and love my fellow neighbor.. I have said TIME AND TIME again… we cannot lay weather modification at the feet of the USA.

“HAARP Ring” is a term NOT a place. It describes a frequency ring that appears on RADAR in countries all around the world. I chose “HAARP ring” because it really does describe what I think is occurring.. which is a High frequency / RF that “heats” the atmosphere … basically ground based microwave stations.

As it turns out, there are multiple components, some private companies handle the cloud seeding portion of the weather modification process..

and for sure it is international– run by MULTIPLE colleges, faculties, and even multiple military branches (foreign and domestic).

Also, I have said time and time again, that the Russians and Chinese admit they too have similar facilities, and the Russians don’t blush at taking credit for things like the Japan TSUNAMI ON MARCH 11 , 2011 !!!!
See the video of the Russian parliament member literally TAKING CREDIT for using their device to kill tens of thousands of Japanese people here:

Another good reason I don’t blame the USA — there is the possibility that “HAARP rings” could be unintentional, or inadvertent —– as they discussed at the 18th annual national weather conference :

As for the Joplin tornadoes, I put out a forecast two full days before the tornadoes hit… a series of “HAARP rings” appeared out of Springfield Missouri, Little Rock Ark, and Tulsa OK…. joplin right in the middle… here is the original forecast two days before joplin got hit.. where I warned the area to be on the lookout for tornadoes.

I resent, and REJECT this “anonymous” commentary from a known “troll/sockpuppet/false critic” from youtube. Their user name is

I have stated on radio, and in video, that I DO NOT BELIEVE in the “global depopulation agenda”.. also I have stated I DO NOT BELIEVE IN FEMA CAMPS (being rounded up and gassed or beheaded by guillotine then put into coffin liners without coffins) !! I just don’t believe that stuff, I don’t endorse these things… How many more times do I have to say it?!
I know for certain anonymous and theraja2773 from youtube are the same person, as they have sent me threatening emails in the past, and also come into my video comment section/main page comment section and said the same things VERBATIM !